Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic bonding is an excellent method of improving your smile in a conservative way. The latest materials and techniques have revolutionised cosmetic bonding. We can now match the natural shade, translucency and texture of your teeth whilst conserving maximum tooth structure.

Best suited for smaller changes, cosmetic bonding, can close gaps, repair chips, hide small areas of discoloration and correct irregularities in your teeth. It is usually completed in one session.

Some cases we have performed: 


Phil presented with stained fillings and large spaces between his teeth. He wanted a conservative solution to improve his smile so we decided to perform direct composite veneers. The result is a dramatic change in both the appearance of his teeth and self confidence.


Debbie presented with very badly decayed teeth..Over a period of time we addressed the decay and then elected to improve the smile with a composite makeover. The result is an amazing transformation. 



Ryan presented with old existing composite restorations which had been done previously a few years ago and were now in need of replacement. He was unhappy with his smile in terms of both shape and colour. We decided to perform a full upper and partial lower composite bonding. 



Helen presented with mild upper crowding with discolouration and toothwear on the anterior teeth. We decided to perform short term orthodontics with the six month smiles system in order to align the teeth followed by ten composite veneers directly using a bleach shade composite. The result - a beautiful smile conserving maximum tooth structure.






Alex was unhappy with her smile as she felt her teeth were too small and mis-shaped. On examination she had two lateral incisors missing and a small space between her front teeth. We performed composite bonding to eight teeth to disguise the canines into lateral incisors and the premolars into canines. The result - an amazing transformation with no tooth removal or reduction.




Katie presented with mildly crowded and discoloured teeth. She also had some toothwear present on the edges of her teeth. We agreed to perform composite bonding to the upper eight teeth to give her a truly dazzling smile she always wanted. 




This young gentleman presented with badly decayed front teeth. We performed composite bonding to restore his smile. An absolutely fantastic result obtained and one very happy young man.









The case above was performed without removal of any tooth tissue. The worn teeth were simply lengthened by the addition of enamel-like composite to give a very natural result.

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All cases performed by Dr Riaz Mitha