A crown (or cap) is needed when a tooth is badly broken down, either a cusp has broken off, or there are large old fillings or a large portion of decay.

With older methods, crowns always needed to be made with a metal foundation. This has left many people with dark lines around their crowns. Today we can make them out of pure porcelain, ceramic or aesthetic reinforced resins that blend beautifully with the existing tooth and surrounding gum.

There are still occasions, usually in relation to the back teeth when the durability of a metal crown makes it the restoration of choice. But for crowns that show, wouldn’t you rather have one that looks as natural as possible?

Replacement of  anterior metal-ceramic crowns with all ceramic (e-max) crowns and veneers:


BEFORE                                                                    AFTER

An example of metal bonded to ceramic crowns performed in the anterior region:


 BEFORE                                                    AFTER

Example of an E-Max all ceramic crown fitted on a broken down molar tooth. Note the excellent aesthetics..


Performed by Dr Riaz Mitha